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Car Line

Car Rider Line Reminders:
 All parents in the car-rider line are asked to REMAIN INSIDE OF
YOUR CAR. Your child will be walked to your car or instructed when
to do so.
 All car rider parents MUST use the car rider line. Please do not
attempt to pick up students in the faculty parking lot or inside the
 If you need to buckle (seatbelt) your child, please pull to the side
parking lot.
 For safety reasons, students should load and unload on the
passenger side.
 For safety reasons, in the afternoons, please follow the flow of traffic
and stay in line. For example, if a student is loading at station 5, DO
NOT go around that car to get to another station.
 Please keep in mind that this is a smoke- free campus, therefore,
please refrain from smoking while in your car in the car rider line.
 Pets are not allowed in the car rider line.
 No left turn in or out of the car rider line.
 When approaching the school, please pay attention to the Loreauville
Park. If there are numerous cars in line there, then you must go
through the park. If not, you are cutting the line.
 In the afternoon, please continue moving through the circle to the
next available spot. You should stop at the number given to you. Do
not stop prior to the available spot to pick up your child because it
disrupts the flow of the line.
 A gold or white was given at orientation with your child’s name on it.
Please put it on the DRIVER’s side visor so it is clearly visible for us
to know who you are picking up. If more than one person picks up
your child, please send a note requesting another card.

Thank your help!

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car line

car line

gold and white

Updated Afternoon Car Rider Line Procedures:

Because our car rider line area cannot hold the amount of cars in the gold car line rotation, LES has received approval to have two lines in the Loreauville Park.   Currently the overflow lines up on the road in the park; however, with two lines, the traffic will be blocked if cars park in both lanes.  Therefore, please park on the shoulder area leaving the middle part of the road open for any park traffic.   Once the car rider line at LES fills up, cars in the gold car rider line will line up on the left hand shoulder in the park.   Cars in the white rotation will line up on the right hand shoulder in the park.    With these two lines, this should eliminate the white rotation entering the car rider line before the gold rotation finishes.  Please remember the two rotations were set up in order to help us socially distance the students to the best extent possible.

As always, your cooperation and patience is deeply appreciated, this is unchartered waters.  

Maureen McClouch said, “my socks might not match, but my feet are always warm.”

Jaime Martin said, “the car rider line might not always move as smoothly as everyone wants, but LES students can come to school five days a week.”  ;)


A big thank you to Sully Gondron for the car rider line map!   Also, thank you to Original Stiles for the signs in the Loreauville Park.